Mose Allison American Legend, Live in California

Live recording of Mose Allison. Produced by Pete Magadini, IBis Recordings, Marin County, California.

Blues and Jazz icon pianist-singer and songwriter -

Mose Allison American Legend, Live in California

Recorded in Fairfax, CA in 2006.

CD release date: September 18, 2015.   Available now.

We are happy to announce the release of the new live CD entitled Mose Allison: American Legend, Live in California, available September 18, 2015. Produced by drummer Pete Magadini, with Bill Douglas on bass. The disc was recorded in 2006 at “19 Broadway” in Fairfax, CA and is distributed by City Hall Records.

”… Mose Allison is heard throughout this well recorded set at the peak of his powers, showing listeners just how unique and delightful he always was as a singer, pianist and songwriter. Highly recommended.” - Scott Yanow, Jazz critic, author of 11 books including The Jazz Singers, Bebop, Jazz On Film and Jazz On Record 1917-76

Ever Since I Stole The Blues by Paul Bernays

Excerpt from Paul Bernays documentary on Mose Allison.

Mose Allison : Ever Since I Stole The Blues from Paul Bernays on Vimeo.

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Press for The Way of the World

From Anti-Records:

Mose Allison Finds Success With New Album ’The Way Of The World’

Mose Allison’s new album The Way Of The World has proven an unequivocal success for the influential and ever iconoclastic jazz/blues artist. Since the record’s March 23rd release, the critical response has been one of unanimous and effusive praise. Even more rewarding is the fact that Allison’s first studio album in 12 years has proven an undeniable hit with music fans. Upon its release the record has garnered the #1 position on the CMJ jazz chart for two weeks running, entered the Jazz chart at #1 and is #3 on the Soundscan Jazz chart. In fact, sales numbers are indicating that The Way Of The World will likely be Allison’s biggest selling non greatest hits album ever. Not bad for a fiery 82 year old hepcat with well over twenty albums under his belt.

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